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Call us: 01329 830172

Delegate your copywriting to the experts


Tell us about your business and we will tell your story. Crisp and targeted text can help your business thrive by increasing brand recognition and sales. As professional writers, we capture the attention of the people you want to reach. We will make words work for you by creating effective website text, blogs, marketing materials, company profiles, social media posts, press releases, product descriptions, articles, leaflets, brochures, reports, video scripts and more. Let us support you on your journey.


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Our services

We are here to help you with the words that will bring your business greater visibility and sales, online and in print. From words for your website, blog and social media presence to eShots, brochures, leaflets and articles, we make words work for you.

Unlike many others, we ensure that every piece of content has the correct spelling, grammar and tone of voice. This gives you an extra layer of professionalism and builds trust in your brand.


Posting informative, new and regular blog content on your website gets a high score with search engines, pushing you up the rankings and boosting organic traffic. However, formulating great ideas and posts takes effort. We will work closely with you to understand your business and customers, then create effective and engaging blogs on your behalf.

General copywriting

Whether you need a tweet, a press release or an in-depth article, we will listen to you and craft the content you want, with flair and imagination. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help with suggestions and weave a unique story for you. Every piece of copy we create is reviewed by our editors, so no errors slip through the net.


Often, content creators are talented writers but their work is let down by poor spelling and grammar. At Wordbanks, we have experienced editors who read and check all the content we originate. We can also review and professionally edit your existing digital and printed content for sense, order, spelling, grammar, tense and tone of voice.

Social media

Every business today needs a social media presence, whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. If you want words for one, or all, of these channels, we can provide something appropriate for each medium. We can write an article or blog and provide supporting social media to ensure it resonates across a wider audience.

Content strategy

Well-constructed words will help your business take off, particularly as part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. We come from publishing backgrounds and can create punchy press releases, blogs and articles for both mainstream and specialist press, alongside eShots and social media to amplify your message, driving traffic and sales.

Marketing content

Marketers say that people must see an advert 5-7 times before they retain the information it contains, and it could take 10 views before they actually buy. So it is important to keep your products and services front of mind with existing, and prospective, customers. We can help with advert copy, product descriptions, brochures, leaflets, website content, company profiles and social media.

Content packages

You may want content on a one-off basis, for a specific project or event. However, if you wish to scale up your content creation plans, we offer some regular blog packages to help get you started.

Of course, we are also very happy to discuss, activate and manage a bespoke package designed for your specific requirements, so please get in touch.

Level 1

Monthly content

Two blogs per month (each 500 words), supplied at the end of the month prior to publication

Level 2

Monthly content

Four blogs per month (each 500 words) supplied at the end of the month prior to publication

Level 3

Monthly content

Four blogs per month (each 500 words) supplied at the end of the month prior to publication, plus

Social media posts to amplify each blog (3 tweets or Facebook posts per blog)

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