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Clients who value the views of their expert writer can greatly benefit their brand and their target market by refreshing existing website content and initiating a content plan.   Perhaps it is my long experience as a writer and editor – or the fact that I have run small businesses where every job title is […]

Written By Linda Banks

On July 28, 2020

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Clients who value the views of their expert writer can greatly benefit their brand and their target market by refreshing existing website content and initiating a content plan.  

Perhaps it is my long experience as a writer and editor – or the fact that I have run small businesses where every job title is held by me – or a combination of these factors, but I cannot help seeing the bigger picture for clients. I am not simply a copywriter, but also a marketer, a salesperson and a publicist.

Benefits of regular blogging

A pair of external eyes can bring a fresh perspective to any business. When I am called in to improve the content on a website, or supply a blog, often the client may not realise that their website should have a security certificate to ensure its visibility during search, or the many benefits of posting regular content that their target market will find useful and interesting. 

Recently I won a contract to supply regular articles for a client’s new website. The content on the existing website was scheduled to transfer across to the new website in a few weeks. However, a lot of this material was out of date, as well as poorly spelt and structured. Furthermore, what had once been a useful directory of suppliers on the site was now old and, worse, had many links to unsecured websites.

Website content review

Rather than stick to my brief and ignore these issues, I spoke to the client and suggested that all of the current content would benefit from a review and update. I also pointed out the detrimental effect on the website’s search engine ranking from old and insecure external website links.

Thankfully, the client was grateful for these insights. My initial remit expanded to include the new job of reviewing, rewriting and updating the content before it transferred to the new website. 

While it was time consuming to check every link to other websites, the process ensured that only secure, relevant links remained and revising the headings meant that the directory would more useful for site visitors.

The content across the whole website was edited to make it slick and professional. This would benefit the client’s authority and build trust with new site visitors. 

User-friendly content

I also had the opportunity to rewrite a lot of the information to make it more user focused, which would improve engagement with site visitors. 

Having listened to the client carefully, and examined their existing website, I gained a deep understanding of them and what they wanted to achieve with their new website. This helped me to tailor a regular content plan for them that would resonate with their goals and, importantly, those of their visitors. 

As a membership organisation, naturally the client wanted to grow that membership. This could be achieved through the provision of great content on the new website that was written to engage and inspire the target readership. If site visitors understood what the benefits of joining were as soon as they arrived, and found plenty of information that was useful to them, they would be more likely to stay on the website and read more.

Quality content would present the organisation as a leader in its field and encourage readers to join up. It would also encourage potential advertisers and sponsors to associate themselves with the brand. Further, quality content would help the website to gain a better ranking online as time-on-page rates increased and useful, relevant content ranks higher with search engines.

Advertising opportunities

My next proposal was to create a media pack and plan an assortment of advertising and promotional opportunities that would be available on the new website, to increase revenue streams and offer advertisers everything from banner adverts to comprehensive package deals. The supplier directory on the new website would be a prime opportunity for paid enhanced listings, for example. Plus, relevant advertising would be of interest to website visitors, increasing engagement and improving the website ranking further.

Marketing plan

What else do you need when you launch a new website? Marketing and publicity. It is surprising how many companies don’t think to tell people about important developments and achievements. So this was the next phase. 

My suggestion here was a comprehensive awareness campaign that would be sent direct to existing members through the organisation’s popular email newsletter, to the wider public through all their social media channels, plus press releases sent to relevant media outlets. 

In addition, existing and prospective advertisers would be sent details of the new resource and how they could get involved. A long-established membership organisation with a large and loyal paying membership represents a lucrative market for advertisers.

Many benefits

Seeing the bigger picture for this client, as well as offering, and actioning, useful suggestions,  helped them in several ways. It increased awareness of the brand, improved the experience of site visitors, retained them with great content and, along the way, enticed more of them to join the organisation. 

Plus a professional, authoritative website that is a living entity with fresh content, is more likely to attract advertisers.

Going the extra mile provides a bigger win for the client, a win for their audience and a win for advertisers, too. 

We have built a good working relationship through this process and the client trusts and values my genuine desire to help the business. 


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