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5 musts for generating sales using effective content creation

Here are five important tips to apply to your content marketing plans to attract and retain customers, from knowing your audience to using the right tone of voice and choosing a style of content and a product or service that will be most effective.

Written By Linda Banks

On January 14, 2020

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Know your audience

Whether you have been in business for a while, or are a start-up, it is important to know who you want to target for those all-important sales. If you have an established business, you are probably aware of the age, gender, income bracket and geographic location of your customers, based on experience. If you are a new business, a good place to start is to look at other businesses in the sector and see who they are selling to.

Use the appropriate tone of voice for that audience

Once you know who you want to attract, you need to approach them in the places they prefer, using the language they understand – their ‘tone of voice’. For example, if you are a recruitment organisation, you may choose to focus on professionals using LinkedIn and a friendly but businesslike tone. If you are a creative business, a more visual channel, like Instagram or Pinterest, may be where your customers are found. Here, a good image, appropriate brief description and relevant hashtags may be all you need to draw in the buyers.     

Tell them something they will find useful or interesting

Having established where your buyers are spending time, you need to catch their attention in that channel by telling them or showing them something that will interest them or that they will find useful. Outline a problem they may have and address it in your article or blog. If you are selling a cleaning product, talk about how to remove a particular type of stain, for example. 

Talk authoritatively about subjects that are related to your business area. This will present you as a thought leader in that field and build trust in your experience and expertise, but don’t try to sell your services overtly. If people see you as knowledgeable, they will approach you for your product or service naturally. 

Reinforce your message with relevant examples, case studies or quote experts.

If you understand your audience, draw them in with a product or service you know they will want. Paint a picture of a better lifestyle or other benefit that your product could bring.

Paying for targeted reach to the customers you want in the channels you have identified can be a cost-effective strategy to run alongside your other content and help raise the company’s profile and drive more direct sales. Offer a giveaway or discount to attract prospective customers.

Ensure content looks professional 

Correct spelling and grammar, plus a consistent tone of voice, will give a professional and polished feel to your website, marketing materials, brochures and leaflets. This, in turn, will build trust in your business.

Optimise the text for search (SEO)

Clever use of key words and phrases in content ensures your text will be found in searches by prospective customers and by search engines, which will also promote you up the search rankings. There is no point in a beautiful website if nobody knows it exists. 

By careful targeting and dissemination of the right type of content, the right customers will be drawn in to your company’s story and want to buy from you, rather than a competitor. Communicating the right message at the right time to the right person is the key to success.