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5 ways to improve your sales with word power

Here are a few tips about how using the right content can help raise your profile and get more customers visiting your website to buy your products or services. Start with a clear message about your offering and communicate about what you do best.

Written By Linda Banks

On January 24, 2020

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Everyone wants more sales, whatever your field of business. Here are a few tips about how using the right content can help raise your profile and get more customers visiting your website and buying your products or services.    

Convey a clear message about your offering

Look at your website and marketing materials as though you are the customer. Is it clear what you offer? Consider asking someone outside the business to look at your website and tell you if they understand what you do and how to buy. 

Do you know who your customer is and do the words entice that customer to start the journey towards purchasing your product or service? Is it straightforward for purchasers to buy from you? 

Highlight your unique selling proposition

Why should the customer choose you? 

If you offer a specialised skill or something that few others do, it is likely you will need to take time to explain what it is and how you produce it so that customers understand your processes. If you are a small or creative business, prospective buyers like to read about why you set up the business and your motivations. Does your website let them buy in to your story? 

Think about what makes you stand out from competitors. Do you offer better customer service, better materials, a cheaper price or fast delivery? Is it quick and easy for a customer to place an order? The benefits need to be outlined.

A unified message

Carry your key message across all your customer contact points, including your website, brochures, leaflets, adverts, social media and branding. A bold logo with a few words that show what you offer is a great way to catch the eye and present a professional image across all your channels and outlets, online and in the real world. Consider where your customers are and how they are searching for your products. Have you got point-of-sale leaflets and brochures for real-world interactions? Will they find you online? Many will use a combination of routes towards a purchase, so  ensure all your materials across all media are cohesive. 


Well-written content, using the correct spelling and grammar, will reinforce your company’s standing as a professional business and build trust with the customer. If they trust you, they are more likely to buy from you.

Be found

How do you stand out from the crowd in the vast internet space? Whether you want to be found in your local area or do business around the world, clever use of key words and phrases in your copy and landing pages can ensure you appear at the top of the internet search rankings. Consider a marketing strategy to support your business on the channels where prospective customers go. Build a database of customers and send regular newsletters or bulletins with a special offer or promotion. Back your online presence with physical resources to support you in a leaflet campaign or printed brochure. Think about what your customers will prefer and ensure you provide it.

With the right words in the right places, prospective – and existing – customers can be persuaded to buy from you.